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JBRA comments to the KM response to the March for 100 Reasons


We thank the Kouga Municipality for encouraging objection and comments from the public in the form of a Petition . This is encouraging and shows that you are prepared to solve our collective problems .

We look forward to these problems being solved and overcome in due course . Thank you .




1. Poor maintenance and development of electrical infrastructure. Damage to foodstuffs and electrical appliances during long outage .

Answer: Maintenance of electrical infrastructure take place within the constraints of the operating budget. Upgrading over the last 4 years has taken place as follows: A new 22kV overhead line between Main Substation and Appiesdraai was build.

Installing of an additional 10MVA, 66/22kV transformer and switchgear at Main Substation.

Refurbishment of 22kV overhead line (Waterworks, Sewer works and Farm line). Purchasing of 240 mm 11kV cable (1000 meter) for the fourth cable to Wavecrest.


JBRA : We thank you for your efforts . Well done . However provision should be made for back up generators to avoid a repeat of December problems . Maintenance is an ongoing process not a once off situation.   Electrical infrastructure needs to be monitored continuously especially before holiday periods.  If this was done effectively, the December situation would not have happened.


2 . Meter readings are not consistently monitored and not managed properly .

Answer: Agree, Meter readings are not consistently monitored due to inclement weather and during public holidays.


JBRA : And other meter readings that are not 29 , 30 or 31 days apart .

Answer not correct and proof of meter readings up to 40 days will be given as well as the difference in amounts paid.  If a sliding scale is applicable this situation should be monitored by residents as it affects their pocket.  This situation needs to be solved and discussed with meter readers. Bad weather is no reason not to do meter readings. This is unacceptable. The JBRA will monitor this situation.


3. Pre-paid meter Admin Fee should not apply

Answer: All holiday towns trough SA applies Pre-paid meter admin fees. Option to increase pre-paid meter electrical tariffs (Kwh) to recover cost.


JBRA:  What are the cost that need to be recovered ?  The meters are paid by residents.


5. Illegal connections not disconnected

Answer: Illegal connections are attended to with the assistance of the SAPS and at times the situation turns violent and the Police advises us to evacuate in order to protect our staff. In most instances our law enforcement stay in the same areas which complicates their execution of municipal work. This Municipality has taken firm action to formalise all informal settlements as the remedy which would have lasting impact for all involved.


JBRA:  So what KM actually implies is that if I toy-toy or threaten KM staff I don’t have to pay electricity and illegal connections can continue. This is unacceptable.


Waste Management


6. Non removal of fallen trees and foliage.

Answer: Kouga remove all fallen trees outside the boundaries of

residential areas. Where trees has fallen inside a property it’s the

responsibility of the owner .


JBRA : We agree but other problem alien trees and alien overgrowth around the Kloof Areas need to removed and other problem overgrown areas cleaned and cleared up .


7. Dustbins not serviced in the Central business District and Beaches, not enough dustbins in other areas. Areas like Pellsrus have none.

Answer: Not true: Kouga has a dedicated team on litter picking doing it

daily. We agree with the shortage of street waste bins and is a matter that is currently address in the IDP 2015/2016


JBRA : This team is not committed and this task is not monitored properly by Supervisors.  The whole Town and beach area needs to be cleaned properly .  Pellsrus needs to get bins.  Supervision – it does not help to have all the staff in the world and they just stand around idling as there is no real supervision to monitor the work rate.


8. There is no Garden Refuse Dumping site in town wasting fuel in tough economic times making it difficult to eradicate alien overgrowth thus increasing risk of fires and crime.

Answer: Garden refuse is a tariff income item, so residents must remove it themselves, or alternatively pay and then council will remove the garden refuse.


JBRA : KM did not answer the question. The question is not about removing it, but it is about requesting an alternative/additional dump site. There should be a permanent Garden Refuse Depot in Jeffreys Bay . Preferably a re cycling depot so that we have somewhere in Jeffreys Bay to dump garden refuse and cut vegetation .


9. There is no General Refuse Dump site in town wasting fuel in tough economic times and causing people to dump anywhere thus further degrading the town.

Answer: Yes agree, a transfer station is on the IDP to address the matter. However the campaign to clean our areas cannot be the sole

responsibility of the municipality. The communities cannot dump just

about anywhere and later protest about this being the task of the

Municipality. The Municipality is aware of white business companies who dump their building material in Ocean-view as if that area is suitable to be a dumping site.


JBRA : That is exactly why we need a permanent General Refuse Depot / General Refuse Depot in Jeffreys Bay , to avoid people dumping anywhere . Not just a transfer station . We are a big town and majority ratepayers in Kouga . No direct answer was given on the question. The blame is just shifted. Why play the racist card of stating that white businesses are dumping in the Ocean View area. If the culprits is known to KM why does KM not charge or act against the culprits.


10. Pick up litter not only in tourist areas. More dustbins and refuse control in township areas.

Answer: Litter picking is done daily and be collected. We are aware of

the shortage of refuse bins and making use of black refuse bags. The level of payment by the communities has the ability to minimise our capacity to achieve our desired objectives.


JBRA : All areas should be treated equally . This is a task of the Municipality and needs to be done properly.




11. No proper budgeting for water infrastructure maintenance. Money still owing for P.E. water. Wavecrest residents have been drinking dirty unhealthy water for a few years now. No proper solutions to fix the dirty unhealthy water.

Answer: This is a piling of separate items into one and we will attempt to respond to all the issues. Firstly the story of the Kouga Municipality owing Nelson Mandela Metro has both the context and history into it. However for the purpose of this petition we have entered into an agreement with Metro which saw them writing off the interest and us paying regularly. This debt will be liquidated by June 2015. Secondly on the quality of water the council’s position is that the water is fit for human consumption. Thirdly individual boreholes sometimes produce water with an Fe and Mn not complying with SANS 241, but when blended with other boreholes, tests within the limits – All tests is available and gets reported monthly to Council and will in future also be placed on the website – tests are performed by accredited laboratories and is Sanas accreditation certificates available upon request.


JBRA :  Proof to be supplied that water that we identify is fit for human consumption.  Addresses of water that is tested by Kouga must be supplied with results .  All reports of the Department of Water Affairs in this regard must be placed on the Kouga website.  Who are monitoring the water as received from the Churchill Dam? Well done for arranging repayment procedure for P.E. water . Water tests need to be made in different locations in Wavecrest every time as there is a vast difference in water quality in different areas within Wavecrest .  These tests must be acted upon . Tests have not been made available in the past .


12. Old water mains pipes need to be replaced, not just constantly repaired at huge ongoing costs. Brown water filters through on a regular basis to residents as a result of this.

Answer: Burst water mains is unfortunate and unplanned – It is being

envisaged to budget investigate the installation of PR-valves to control

and regulate water pressure in the system network, which we belief is the major problem –unfortunately there are no other way but flushing the system to clean out the network after pipe bursts.


JBRA : Disagree.  After the pipes are fixed, the water system must be bled or flushed before connection is restored to residents.  This situation needs to be fixed. The valve system needs to be properly and permanently investigated and implemented for a permanent solution. Due consideration to be given to stretches of old ailing pipe line that needs to be completely replaced as they are constantly breaking .

Costs can be saved by replacing old ailing and constantly breaking pipelines instead or always just repairing them .


13. Excessive wastage of water from burst pipes and through bleeding from fire hydrants. This is the only way currently that the Municipality use to get rid of brown unhealthy water of Wavecrest residents.

Answer: See comment as above – There are now other way to clean the

system of “dirty” water after a burst pipe than flushing through hydrants.


JBRA : Vague answer. The valve system needs to be properly implemented for a proper permanent solution . Please manage this properly and timeously.


14. Residents have to constantly replace geysers and elements at ongoing extra costs because of dirty water with excessive Manganese.

Answer: Council is in the process of attending to the discolouring of water caused by the non-precipitation of iron – With the financial assistance of DWAS a consultant and contractor has been appointed and is presently on site at the J/Bay treatment works conducting chemical tests and installing a pilot dosing plant – Originating from this a comprehensive report will be compiled as to what process to follow – Also with the financial assistance of DWAS, a contractor has been appointed to rehabilitate the existing boreholes in order to obtain a better quality water containing less Fe and Mn.


JBRA : Thank you . We must stress that this has been an ongoing problem for many years now . The Plant needs to be properly established and then managed properly and permanently . When the KM does a good job we will commend you . We need this to be done properly for a permanent solution . The JBRA wants to schedule a visit to the Plant and wants detailed information during this visit on the management and functioning of the pilot plant. We would also like feedback on the results of new borehole tests and what money has been spent for what in this process . 


15 . Linen and clothes are permanently stained and ruined by brown water with Manganese. This cost should be refunded by the Municipality.

Answer: This is not possible


JBRA : Regulations in this regard to be investigated by the JBRA .



16. Water unhealthy to drink because of excess Manganese. There is not enough permanent Technical staff at the water purification plant and the permanent and non-permanent staff is not properly trained on using chemicals and equipment .They are also not working on a 24 hour cycle and therefore do not manage the Plant effectively . Equipment is not maintained and utilized properly and are out of order continuously. The water purification plant are not funded properly and not monitored by management in order to ensure healthy drinking water. This cannot be ignored any longer because of excess Manganese. This situation needs to be treated as an emergency situation and is not negotiable any longer.

Answer: The opinion expressed herein is not true except when it deals with the training levels of the staff in our plants. There is Municipal Infrastructure Agency (MISA) which is currently contracted by the National government in order to train staff in our plants. Training is a progressive and continuous activity in the fast developing world. Again lets us restate the fact that

Water is not unhealthy, it complies with SANS 241 requirements in terms of allowable limits for Fe and MN – The three PC’s at the plant is all suitably qualified in terms of the requirements of DWA for the size (Class C)  treatment plant and all is registered and certified by DWA – (NQF 2 in Water and Wastewater Treatment) – Certificates available – It is at this stage not necessary to introduce a shift roster as the demand decreases during off-peak periods during night as is there is enough retaining capacity in the reservoirs –As far as the rest of the question is concerned, it is a repetition of question number 11 – See comment above.

JBRA : The JBRA want to see proof , during our visit to the Plant that there are enough permanent staff employed and that all employees are properly trained.  During previous visits we established that there are not enough permanent employees and that staff are not trained properly to work with chemicals. Water samples need to be taken in different areas within Wavecrest to get an overall picture of where there are bad problems as quality varies within regions of Wavecrest as well as circumstance and time . These tests should be made public .


17. Technical staff at water purification plant are not properly trained or absent from duties and do not manage the plant on a 24 hour cycle

Answer: We have responded to this above.


JBRA :  Must be confirmed during visit to the Plant.  The JBRA must ask permission to visit the Plant about once a month .


18 . Water facilitation and management in townships is inadequate

Answer: The mere fact that with the exception of the informal

settlements, all households have a erf connection and do we comply with the standards that informal settlements have communal standpipes within a radius of 200m.We are in compliance with the legislation and the affected communities have agreed with us in the previously disadvantaged communities.


JBRA : Improvements are always possible and are needed .

Try and think beyond compliance for development improvements.


19. Water tests are never made public or revealed. How safe is our drinking water really? According to available reports, the water with Manganese cannot be consumed and it cannot be boiled. Children and older people need to drink water that is bought. Allot of residents cannot afford to buy water daily.

Answer: All potable water (in this case they obviously refer to the borehole water), is tested on a weekly basis and reported to Council as part of the department’s monthly report – I can understand that everybody does not have access to the monthly report, so we will in future place the results on the website on a monthly basis as well as the results of our micro compliance of all areas as well as the chemical and physical compliance results quarterly.

Dr. Steynberg who did one of the Reports for the Department of Water

Affairs said that: As soon as the water is brown it is unhealthy. (He is

entitled to his opinion and we are in line with the law)


JBRA : We look forward to seeing your new website updates .

Addresses of water that are tested must be made available and different locations tested as well every week.  These reports must be evaluated by a Professional resident Hydrologist for example Vera .

Again , water samples need to be taken from different locations every time . Some areas receive vastly differing quality of water than other areas . We need reasons for this as well as solutions .




20. No Plans, delay of plans for, or non-implementation of water borne

sewerage in many areas .

Answer: The implementation of water borne reticulation is a capital

funded project. Estimated cost to install waterborne sewer in Wavcrest ± R30.0m. With the level of non-payment of services we cannot do other than to apply for grants as we did in 2013/2014 when we received R146 million from the department of Human Settlement.


JBRA : This has been long overdue many years now . Huge amounts that have been written off would cover the money needed for water borne sewerage . Your amount for this seem over quoted .  This must be included in the IDP.  No action in this regard is not acceptable. The KM should take remedial steps to rectify the non payment of outstanding money owed to them by residents. Just shifting the blame is no answer.


21. Sewerage spills at public toilets in Season and all of town the whole year.

Answer: Sewer blockages are an unforeseen occurrence which cannot

be predicted. Residents are urges to report spillages to ensure prompt

response. Unfortunately some of the comments are exaggerated.


JBRA : Sewerage spills at toilets opposite checkers has been going on all year and the worst in December .  These are not just blockages .

If proper maintenance and development is done by Kouga and Supervision done this situation will be solved.


22. Sewerage running into public areas, sea and beach and lagoon at

Kabeljouws and Main Beach .

Answer. This was an unfortunate occurrence during the festive season

period that was aggravated due the high influx of visitors and electrical

outages. Infrastructure is sized and constructed to only operate within its design parameters, larger volumes of effluent generated places strain on the system.


JBRA : We understand this , but this must be accounted for . We rely on tourism and this has been an ongoing problem during off season for a long time now . If proper planning was done for the holiday period this would not have happened.  What other steps are taken by the Municipality to avoid these situations ? We need regular progress reports. Sewerage is constantly laying along the road to Aston Bay along with other ongoing problems .

This is totally unacceptable .


23. Poor reactive maintenance of pump stations

Answer. The majority of pump stations and electrical switchgear were

commissioned during the mid-80 and has a limited lifespan and are due

for upgrade. The current budget allocation is not only insufficient but

totally inadequate to implement a proper preventive maintenance


La mer, Duine road, Trevor Manual and Apiesdraai sewer pump stations

are currently being upgraded.


JBRA : Then outside funding should be secured for these pump stations . Well done on the stations that are being attended to .  Why was no maintenance done since the 1980’s or no maintenance program set in

place? The ongoing sewerage spills along the road to Aston Bay need to be permanently solved along with ongoing other locations .


24 . No backup generators for peak periods for load shedding effects like December.

Answer. There is 53 sewer pump stations of various sizes throughout Kouga of which 26 is located in Jeffrey’s Bay. A small portion of these are provided with back-up generators. A process plan is being develop to source funding for additional back-up generators.


JBRA : Acceptable and must be monitored by the JBRA . To please have  this in place for peak periods . When can we see a progress report?


25. Sewerage in public areas must be treated as an emergency situation

and must be acted on immediately.

Answer. The Jeffrey’s Bay waste water treatment plant was recently

upgraded to be able to handle 8Ml per day. The staff all received training in the operation and maintenance of the plant during the construction phase. Training is ongoing through the skills development program. The advice is however noted .


JBRA : Wrong answer to the question. The issue was not addressed. Spills at main beach and other areas needs to be permanently avoided and properly managed .


26. No properly trained permanent local staff at sewerage reticulation plant

(See Response above).


JBRA : The JBRA must visit the J Bay waste water Plant and proof of training of employees must be provided during this visit. Progress reports needed .


27. Not enough ablution facilities on different beach areas and not properly managed. We do not look after tourists who are on Holiday! (Response: this is an incorrect opinion)

JBRA: How can it be an incorrect opinion if very few of the beach areas have toilets or ablution facilities and where there is ablution facilities it is in a dilapidated state . The toilets opposite checkers are a permanent disgrace and unhygienic. Also Kabeljouws toilets . The lack of ablution facilities, bad maintenance and some were locked during the Holidays .  Photos can be taken. Vagrants constantly using toilets for their personal ablution .


28 . Backlog in mobile sewerage removal. Not enough trucks. Drivers must be bribed to act.

Answer. The availability of suction tankers remains a challenge especially during peak periods. Additional tankers were hired in during the festive period. We handle request for suction tankers services on a first come first serves basis. Residents paying bribes and drivers taking bribes are not acceptable. Complaints and allegations form residents claiming that bribes are paid were received, but these residents are not willing to testify, provide evidence or affidavits to enable disciplinary processes to be implemented. The very community that complains and protest about bribes are willing contributors to this illegal and criminal activity. We appeal to all to desist from paying and encouraging illegal actions as your short term gain is the delay of services to deserving others.


JBRA : Noted . Sufficient number of trucks need to be secured for December and peak periods . The Kouga must explain the current procedure to the JBRA .


29. Proper sewerage and sanitation facilities in the townships is a major

problem and is not being addressed properly or not at all.

Answer. All formal sites are provided with waterborne reticulation. Informal areas make use of buckets or chemical toilets. Formalization and township establishment to enable construction of low cost houses will assist in reducing buckets and chemical toilets.


JBRA : This process needs to be speeded up and properly managed.

Raw sewerage on road from town to the marina .  Un enclosed sewerage dam opposite the new school will not require big funds .




30. Traffic Department in Humansdorp has not paid R21 million plus 3 million interest per month owing to E Natis.

Answer: There is an agreement between DOT and Kouga is honouring this agreement while we dispute the figures we will not be drawn to

misrepresentation and suspicion .


JBRA : Side stepping the question. Then what is the present situation ?

We will be following up on this as the testing grounds and licensing offices are vital to Kouga . We need facts .


31. Increase of salaries are not performance based which leads to low

standards and low service delivery levels .

Answer: Salaries of staff are negotiated at a National Level (Bargaining

Council) .


JBRA : These salaries need to be justified with a proper performance management system that promotes accountability and productivity .



Kouga Municipality Service and Staff


32. Why is tourism not a priority?

Answer: all departments are a priority especially those that are service

Delivery focused.


JBRA: Tourism is dead in Jeffreys Bay besides December and July . We need to look beyond these peak periods that are not accounted for like April and September . The JBRA must establish the IDP plans in this regard.


33. Outsourcing should be focused on locals as a priority

Answer: We agree but we are subject to Preferential Procurement policy of Government.


JBRA: We would like to know more about this so that you are transparent and accountable to legal government legislature and procedure .  Locals deserve consideration in local developments .


34. Kouga Management does not live in the local area and therefor do not experience the problems in town first hand.

Answer: The Group Areas Act and Separate Development Act of the

previous discriminatory system prevented certain groups to live and work in certain areas. With the advent of democracy every person in South Africa is allowed to live and work where he/she chooses. That is why most of the ratepayers of Jeffrey’s Bay have chosen to work in Gauteng and other Provinces and only come back to their areas of residence in Jeffrey’s Bay only in December. The Section 56 Managers are contractual personnel and cannot be expected to uproot their families every five years their contractual agreements are not renewed. This is just common sense decision to be made by an individual.

Given that the Management of Kouga belong to the democratic South

Africa almost all have chosen to relocate to Jeffrey’s Bay on their own

volition instead of responding to repressive laws that dictate to them what to do and when to do it. We must engage the Kouga Staff on the basis of their performance than to attack their choices which are allowed in a Constitutional democracy


JBRA : We understand but Apartheid is over for 20 years now .

Remember that some of us also did not agree with the Apartheid system . Some suffered more than others . We need to move on , adjust and improve . Obviously we can not expect everyone to live in Jeffreys Bay .  We feel that Jeffreys Bay is being overlooked even while Kouga Municipality has Council here .


35. Selective pick up of refuse. Also they leave a mess

Answer: Disagree, Household refuse is collected on a weekly bases.

Where problems arise the department respond immediately. The recent satisfactory survey done by Council on services is a proof that refuse collection is the top service delivery program in Kouga .


JBRA : What survey? Who was questioned? The complaint is that when they do pick up refuse and a bag tears they would leave the content on the road and just move on. What about saving costs on transport and vehicle maintenance by having a Dumping Depot nearer to Jeffreys Bay.


36. Lack of By Law Enforcement.

Answer: This department acknowledge that there is a by law enforcement problem and are currently looking at supervision and control measures in order to improve the situation further.


JBRA : Sounds promising . When will this be done ?  This needs to be integrated into the IDP with input from ward meetings . This also to be monitored with input from the JBRA . We need a sensible workable outcome .


37. Lack of Traffic Officials at Peak Times

Answer: Disagree, Kouga recently appointed 6 additional Traffic Officers

during the Festive Season in order to alleviate an anticipated influx of

holiday makers in Jeffrey’s Bay and St Francis Bay. However the availability of resources will dictate what can be done at times


JBRA : Disagree.  The placement of the Traffic officials were not planned and were not in place for certain days of the Holiday period.  The JBRA must monitor these plans before the December holiday period. Traffic officials were deployed 2 to 3 at an intersection during the holiday season. Should it have been managed correctly there should have been at least one traffic official at each of the major intersections. (Bad planning). Some Traffic officials were on leave during the peak season.


38. Lack of forward planning for maintenance and service delivery

Answer: IDP is reviewed every 5 years and community members are

encouraged to participate in these processes in order to ensure that they understand the Municipal planning processes and what is to be

implemented, when, in the light of limited resources.


JBRA : Ridged planning. No or limited adaptability. Yes we will be attending these meetings to air our views and recommendations which will hopefully be properly considered. The IDP progress has been lacking on the ground and painfully slow to develop and progress .  

IDP to be discussed by the JBRA for our input .


39. Staff attitude is negative. No performance management system,

therefore no performance

Answer: This is untrue. In the event of any member of the public being

dealt with negatively by any employee, which would be an exception,

that member has a right to lay misconduct charges against that

employee. We are aware also of members of the public who are

burdened by their own personal problems and vent their anger to our

staff members in a manner which is completely unacceptable. In both

cases we recommend that there be better personal relationship for our

own collective good.


JBRA : Don’t agree.  Proof needed. Performance management is not in place and staff attitudes on service delivery is not positive.  This needs to be solved by the Kouga Management team who should be a role model. There should be a proper active performance management system in place in the KM that is also transparent and accountable to the public . We are co operative and can not account for certain individuals unknown to us that do not have healthy constructive co operation in mind .


40. Staff leave in December is not managed properly. Emergency staff

should not be able to go on leave. Traffic personnel should be on

duty every day during holiday periods .

Answer: It is standard practice that no leave be granted to staff (senior or operational) in the service delivery departments during the festive season.


JBRA : Why was some law enforcement on leave during the festive season? If it is standard practice that no leave will be granted during the festive season.


41. Employees do not keep to working hours. No supervision and disciplinary procedures.

Answer: This is a matter that this institution deals on a continuous bases.

Disciplinary actions are definitely enforced but in any situation there must be a willing witness.


JBRA : Situations should improved without having to provide witnesses and evidence . What are the working hours of staff ?

There must be a proper amount of goodwill and proper accountability .


42 . Low standards and slow reactive action are acceptable for employees.

Reason no supervision and management, no established work standards and no performance management. Residents will not accept this.

Proactive planning and action is essential.

Answer: See 41 above

JBRA : Noted .


43. Kouga employees have no work pride. Reason can be unclear or no job specifications and job standards. Example: Robot that was fixed in

December but flashed yellow and green at the same time.

Answer: The Robot was repaired by our staff but due to outages it kept no keeping its timing and it has since been attended.


JBRA : Better productivity will ensure work pride and enthusiasm .


44. Role and Functions of Councilors are not clear to the community.

Answer: The role of Councilors is clearly spelt out in the Municipal

Structures Act, Municipal Systems Act and the Municipal Finance

Management Act. Should members of the public seek better clarity they are advised to consult their Ward Councilor together with His/ Her Ward Committee.


JBRA : Elaborated roles , specific projects and responsibilities should be properly outlined for all Councillors and kept up to date .


45. Procedures and processes for reporting of problems by residents are not acted upon. Reference numbers in order to monitor solutions is essential. Feedback channels should be established.

Answer: This is a constructive and welcomed advice and Management

must continue to find areas how we can improve the Management of

Complaints by Citizens.


JBRA : Thank you . This is much appreciated . This will also lighten the burden of the JBRA substantially .

Our approach towards the KM would then become much more complimentary . Must be monitored by the JBRA to see if it was implemented .



46. No Public Participation with regard to By Law enforcement

Answer: No By Law can be approved without proof of Public

Participation. Members of the Public can challenge any By Law which

does not meet this requirement in a Court of Law, in 2006 some members of the Public successfully challenged our Liquor By Law in the

Constitutional Court


JBRA :  There will be JBRA and public participation at IDP and Ward Committee meetings and wherever else the KM would like to confer

to improve on this . We need proper functional changes for the better .


47. The KM website, is not updated regularly enough and is outdated

Answer: We agree but it has now been updated


JBRA : Thank you . We will follow progress. Please keep it properly updated .


48. No transparency in dealing with public matters

Answer: Unless proof can be provided we can only deal with the matter

but in general all our Policies, Practices and matters of Public are discussed in an open Council.


JBRA : We would like to discuss this to see where transparency and communication can be improved so that we always know what is going on .


49. No timeous notice of meetings. Venues changed at last minute

Answer: This is not true but in one instance on a matter dealing with the Budget this happened. It was not a norm but an exception which was later dealt with and explained in the Council Meeting.


JBRA : The Ward Delimitation meeting venue was changed at the last minute . The Opening of Council meeting in Oyster Bay was postponed without proper notice . Last year many KM meetings were cancelled .


50. No feedback on grievances and reporting on faults.

Answer: This is untrue and evidence would be required to substantiate this allegation. It is experienced in many instances that certain members of the public do not accept the responses given because they hold a certain view and would not accept the Council deliberated and

concluded view .


JBRA : Proof. (What steps are taken to satisfy the client?) . KM is often continuously unavailable in emergency situations . Ongoing problems are not attended to .  Some require minimum funding or vertially none . Proof must be established by the JBRA .


51. Communication feedback by the spokesperson of the Municipality should be the truth and carefully considered. For example the KM has not apologized on the chaos in December as a result of the power failure, sewerage in public areas and appalling condition of water and the effect on the community and holidaymakers.

Answer: The views expressed are views based on internal investigation of facts. There should be a distinction between cold facts and the attitude of the messenger towards those facts.


JBRA : Disagree . KM did not answer the question.


52. Communication with residents should immediately be given attention and communication channels like newspapers, Facebook and other mediums should be used to communicate continuously. This lack of communication shall not be tolerated any longer

Answer: This is a welcomed, constructive and valid point. The Municipality can build on such constructive views that shows both maturity and extending the hand of co-operation.


JBRA : Thank you . Communication and follow up is essential . Facebook and local newspapers should be used frequently to keep residents up to date on matters that affect them. We encourage mutual co operation .


53. Proper planning for Holiday time periods should be done in advance and residents and community leaders should give input in this regard

Answer: Council on a yearly bases submit a seasonal preparedness plan

before the season


JBRA : A proper plan that can be implemented. April and September peak periods are not being promoted properly . Holiday planning by the KM was not done effectively.  All associations formed by residents for example JBRA, Business Forum etc, should be involved in October when planning takes place.

A proper plan that can be implemented .


54. Inaccurate Statistics of Local Population or not made public.

Answer: We cannot make up this grievance allegation or fact


JBRA : No comment .


Road Maintenance / Parking lots / Cars

55. No proper Car Guard Association. Drunk car guards. Unregistered car guards. Irritating car guards. The worst are the CBD and Beachfront, the most important areas for Tourism and Business. SAP – needs to establish a committee with all relevant stakeholders.

Answer: The powers and Functions of the Municipality are clearly spelt out in Schedule B of the Constitution of the Republic and Car Guards is not our responsibility.


JBRA :  Then this should be organised by Businesses and with KM co operation  to establish a proper permanent Umbrella Car Guard Association for all of Jeffreys Bay and with sub sections ( CBD for day and night shifts , Beachfront , Vrieskas etc…) . Law enforcement to act on car guards.

This is a big problem that is affecting tourism and business .

Law enforcement to act on disruptive drunk car guards.


56. No Heavy Duty vehicles weight management for causeway.

Answer. 3.5 Ton GVM weight limit applies to causeway. Traffic law

enforcement need to be increased.


JBRA : Don’t tell us what to do… do it.  

The maintenance of this road should be monitored and feedback given to the Eastern Cape Province who must maintain this.


57. Fail to maintain dirt road to R102 while causeway is in disrepair or repair .

Answer: Road between Paradise Beach and R102 is a Provincial road (DR01767). Maintenance is the responsibility of the Provincial department and not Kouga Municipality


JBRA : Then KM should advise the Provincial Roads Dept. when this is required and maintain communication and action . The KM has started to improve stretches of road in Jeffreys.  This is the first time in 8 years that I have witnessed this.  For this we thank you.  We still ask that priority and continuous attention must be given to roads that are frequently used by residents and visitors.  The roads currently in Beefwood street and vicinity is in a terrible state.  Mimosa street as well , the list goes on  .


58. Short stretches of tar roads need to be re screeded, not constantly

repairing potholes that constantly reform. KM does not prioritize

Answer: Road repairs are done within the constraints of the annual

operating budget.


JBRA : Needs to be prioritised where this is needed . Shoddy workmanship during the repairs of potholes ads to the re occurrence of

potholes in the same places.

Can the KM please indicate who’s responsibility it is to clean sidewalks bordering on streets.  A lot of tar roads are overgrown by grass and weeds which is destroying roadways .


59. Dogwood danger dip stretch needs to be properly and permanently re screeded and fixed for 20 meters .

Answer: Noted, will be placed on the 2015/2016 budget as a priority for



JBRA : Thank you . Dogwood dip has been tarred , but don’t know long it will last.  This dip must be monitored continuously.


60. Residential sidewalks are not maintained. Weeds growing or overgrown and impassable in unpaved areas. No proper pedestrian or/and cycling pavements. No maintenance of these .

Answer: Disagree, weekly mowing program that includes entrances, walk ways and sidewalks in some areas we have the assistance by residence in mowing in front of their houses

No proper pedestrian or/and cycling pavements. No maintenance of



JBRA : This is a danger to pedestrians and road users who have to swerve to avoid collisions with pedestrians or vehicles because of sidewalks that are a hazard and not properly maintained . Spray pavements – in Da Gama weeds are growing out of the pavement between the paving blocks. What an eye sore.

Glad to see they agree that there are no proper pedestrian or/and cycling paths , a result of poor administration with regard to pavements. Pedestrians sometimes fall while exercising and walking.  This is also needed for children to drive safely with their bicycles . No maintenance of Pavements and planning for bicycle paths .


61. Beachfront parking areas are not maintained

Answer: Road repairs are done within the constraints of the annual

operating budget. Where funds are available main routes are priorities.


JBRA : Although there are financial restrictions, the first areas that the KM needs to give attention to is the beach areas where Residents and Business owners want to attract visitors and park safely.  Prioritization plays a major role here.


62. Cattle and stray dogs are a menace and a danger.

Answer: Kouga is currently looking at commonage with the Department

of Rural Development. Currently we working closer with SPCSA for the

impound of stray animals


JBRA : At long last . This process needs to be speeded up for a permanent working solution . They must open a pound to keep stray cows, pigs, etc., that wonder the town freely.

This issue has been discussed too many times.  Cows were grazing in the sewerage pump stations.  We want an answer from the KM that will permanently fix this problem which is putting residents life in danger.  As we have proof that we have raised this issue and have KM comments .  It is also a very unhealthy situation for residents in that environment.


63. Pavement weeds are not removed, even in the main roads. This is the Municipality’s job

Answer: Noted, spraying of herbicide to road edges is will be considered within the 2015/16 budget.


JBRA : Thank you . This should be done on pavements . Weeds growing in roadways means that roadway needs to be repaired there .

Thank you for the effort of sweeping some of the pavements lately.  Weeds can be removed by hand as well.  Thank you for budgeting for poison to remove these weeds.  We want our Town to be attractive to visitors.  The people who are getting paid to do this job should do this effectively.  They can also try to cut it shorter with a weed eater.


64. Roads in areas like St Francis are in a terrible state. The roads in Paradise Beach and Aston Bay are falling apart. These should be properly tarred and maintained in stretches, not just repair individual pot holes. Damage to Residents’ vehicles will not be tolerated any longer.

Answer: Road repairs are done within the constraints of the annual

operating budget. Annual budget 2014/15 is only R 1,8m for resealing of roads in the entire Kouga area. An annual estimated amount of R 5,6m is required. Road repair is not an income generating services and is funded from annual rates.


JBRA : Spending less on fruitless expenditure will cover the amount.

This is relatively not a huge amount and needs to be done to solve one of our main ongoing concerns . The KM must do themselves a favour and go and talk to Tyre companies in the Kouga area.  They have told a lot of residents that their businesses are thriving as a result of a lot of cars tyres which are damaged by potholes.  Residents would like to ascertain the correct procedure to claim from the Kouga Municipality in this regard.




Integrated Development Plan / Budget


65. Ineffective or outdated Integrated Development Plan documentation and implementation.

Answer: Our IDP is developed in line with the Guidelines and was rated

amongst the best in the Province and the MEC Comment are available

for scrutiny of the Public if required.


JBRA : IDP is too slow in considering and / or implementing public suggestions and grievances . The IDP documentation as supplied by some of the Counsellors in a meeting at the end of last year was definitely not professionally done.  A proper format for compiling a IDP plan must be designed by the Municiplaity.  This document sometimes does not give a true reflection of the needs of certain wards.  The Facilitator needs to be excellent in order to guide the Councilor and representatives in the audience to prioritise and discuss the IDP points effectively.

This needs to be improved more for all concerned .


66. Ineffective facilitation of Integrated Development Plan by KM staff.

Answer: It is our desire to improve and should the public have advises it

will be to make these would be welcomed.


JBRA: Thank you . We will follow up on this at IDP and Ward meetings .

IDP Facilitator needs to be trained effectively


67. Ward Committee recommendations and proposals are not considered or acted upon

Answer: We shall consider developing guidelines as their suggestion

recommendation which must be considered by Council before it makes



JBRA : Not the right answer. We can give numerous proof of  documentation of ward committees which states that recommendations of wards are not acted upon.  The Speaker must please explain this situation as these meetings are all ineffective if she does not act on it as the receiver of this information.  If the Kouga can not act we need feedback please.


68. No effective functional committees for e.g. Financial Committee.

Answer: All Standing Committees are Functional and recommends to the Mayoral Committee which in turn makes recommendations to the Full Council


JBRA : This needs to be transparrent throughout the year , and not just before the Annual Budget .

Quarterly progress reports could be made available for comment .

We know of numerous committees that are not convened at the right time and which does not function properly, for example the Financial committee.  In the IDP meeting last year the Facilitator mentioned in front of the whole audience that a certain committee was not formed as a lack of interest by the community.


69. Public input is not recognized when compiling budget

Answer: The law creates space during the budget compilation for the

public to make inputs to be considered by Council. The law does not

impose the obligation to Council to accept those views but to consider

them and if it accept them that will be welcomed and if it reject them it

must advance reason as to why it did not accept those input and views.


JBRA : We call for more co operation with productivity .

The KM must please keep in mind that they are managing the Residents and Ratepayers’ money and NOT their own.  Input in the budgeting process is therefore essential.  If the IDP was done effectively, this should not be a problem.


70. Inefficient Tourism funding, implementation and promotion.

Answer: Funding is always dictated by competing needs and the

available resources.


JBRA : KM evades the question. Income can be created with proper tourism promotion and implementation . Tourism needs more attention as we want to attract more visitors to Jeffreys Bay.  The KM needs to improve this.






71. Indigenous Fauna and Flora and natural areas not protected properly or not at all.

Answer: Whilst we acknowledge that this is not one of our constitutional mandate we are working closely with the Department Of Environmental Affairs as they are the custodians of this function


JBRA :  Proper management is sometimes seriously lacking and needs to be seriously considered . Public participation and co operation can help and improve this . Environmental Affairs needs to be involved and active . The IDP must come into play .   


72. No Tourism Development for entire region.

Answer: The Municipality has even established a directorate to look after Tourism.


JBRA :  This is not visible besides private initiatives . April and September peak periods  are in dire need of promotion and development . Our region has a wealth of tourism opportunity that needs proper sustainable development and a proper integrated management strategy . Especially promotion for a meaningful long term sustainable growth with Residents and Tourism in mind .

This is essential.  We have a beautiful area which must be marketed effectively to attract people to our region.  What existing plans are the KM busy with ?


73. No established Disaster Management Plan in place. What happens in an Emergency? Water, Sewerage, Security, Epidemic and Health Disaster Emergency!

Answer: Revised disaster management plan is awaiting adoption by

Council in April 2015


JBRA : This should be a priority with consideration for public input and especially the well being of residents in mind .

Especially considering pending Thyspunt developments .

The JBRA wants to have a copy of the Disaster Plan of the Kouga region .


74. Lifesavers have no shade or shelter while doing their duties Blue flag beach lifesavers have shelters, however other beaches has none.

Answer: This matter is on the IDP 2015/2016


JBRA : Thank you . We would like to expect a positive co operative response to matters with visa versa benefits and solutions . What official is doing the planning in this regard each year?  Please try and do this properly.  These people are the eyes of Kouga .

Get the community involved in this planning for co operation .


75. Mismanagement or no encouragement to Re Cycle Waste.

Answer: Waste minimization processes are in place throughout Kouga.

Programs are in place – 4 awareness educators appointed by DEA who

are busy throughout Kouga. Various waste minimization processes are in operation within Kouga


JBRA : Minimisation is not enough . We need projects to be comprehensive and permanently conclusive .  Conclusive functional permanent solution ( hopefully at least a partly self sustainable ) should be the goal . Last year it was published that the Kouga would receive funding to do recycling properly.  What happened with this initative?  Why can’t there be bins at each home for recycling.  This can also generate work for people. Waste management is not a priority in Jeffreys Bay and we are basically the majority Ratepayers in Kouga .


76. Ongoing knock on effect of poor service delivery lowers town standards.

Answer: The Statement is correct but the context is not correct.


JBRA : What do KM mean by their answer the statement is correct but the context is not correct? Poor service delivery impacts directly on the standards in a town. Most of the residents are complaining about the poor situation of services and our dirty Town.  This is a true statement applicable to the KM.

77. Political infighting is causing incongruences, apathy, mismanagement and non-performance.

Answer: The Statement is correct and the facts have not be supplied.


JBRA : For example : It has been prevalent that DA proposals are mostly not properly considered and/or acted upon .  Surely all areas and opinions should be considered when making decisions .


78. Poor and ineffective Kouga Municipality management is causing social confusion, discord and disharmony. Apathy among residents and


Answer: The sentiment is correct but unfortunately it is not supported by Facts


JBRA : Increasing violent crime occurred last year in Jeffreys Bay .

These are not good signs for development and social harmony . 


79. The inadequate unenclosed sewerage pit at the new high school where the cows are drinking from the sewerage and urinating near the school.  This is a serious Health hazard.

Answer: The exact location not supplied.


JBRA : This is exactly adjacent to the new Technical school that has been built just off Koraal st. Between the township and this school .

We have pictures to prove this.  The KM knows exactly where the new high school has been built.  If there is no reaction from the KM side we will approach the Department of Education and the Department of Health.  The sewerage Dam is an emergency measurement according to the DWA  and must be attended to .


80. Where is the transparency and accountability? The Kouga Municipality is not transparent in the management of functions and are not held responsible for poor service delivery.

Answer: We need evidence to back up this sentiment for us to give a

detailed response


JBRA : True statement. Can be proven . KM minutes are not made available / public .  Nor are topics for discussion / agenda of KM Council meetings always made public .


81. Each town in Kouga has its own unique and different needs and

attributes. These should be developed and maintained with the town’s

specific needs in mind and with local concerns in mind and involved for

proper consideration

Answer: We agree.


JBRA : Public input from each town needs to be properly considered for that specific area or town’s needs .

And Kouga as a whole . This is a big responsibility for the Kouga Municipality .


82. Improper utilization of available land assets. Selling off the same to pay ill earned debts. These should be developed and utilized and not just sold off.

Answer: Where land is sold it will be sold for infrastructure development not to pay any loans. Truth be told this administration has not incurred any loans except to service the inherited loans


JBRA : Many council members have served in successive excessive negative debit years .   Please make public all plans for development or/and sub letting of land or proposed sale of land within all of Kouga . As stated before , we need a comprehensive map made available ( preferably online ) where It is clearly indicated which is Privately owned Land ; which is KM owned Land ; and which is Public Land ; and which is Natural Areas of Conservation ( Nature Reserves , Natural Wetlands , Vleis etc.. . ) .

We can then comment , object and make appropriate constructive suggestions on proposals to and for these . KM owned and Public land deserves our input and concern .


83. A proper well established environmental implemented plan for Jeffrey’s Bay and Kouga areas that deserve conserving. We live in a unique place, let us preserve and protect it properly for future generations.

Answer: When we speak of constructive and well thought contribution by any citizen we mean this contribution. It is forward looking and aimed to build a better Kouga for all of us. We are encouraged. Draft coastal management plan in place, DEA to assist with estuaries management plan and reflect in the IDP 2015/2016


JBRA : We would like to know more about this . Please elaborate .

Public interests and participation must be considered for constructive co operative implementation which will help you .


84. No education on local flora and fauna for schools using our natural areas for this education.

Answer: Kouga to approach the Department of environmental affairs for this program for the schools


JBRA : There are many areas where this can become an asset ( not a liability ) to our area and future with public and school participation .  This will give better synchronicity of our natural assets and  for the future of the youth and growth . Progress report needed .


85. Little or no practical promotion of Local Arts and Crafts.

Answer: We operated in the environment of limited resources and

competing need but the comments are well received .


JBRA : Noted. Arts and Crafts initiatives can require limited resources , funds and initiation and needs to be authentically , whole heartedly and meaningfully initiated and supported . There is a need and opportunity for this .


86 . No Credit Card or Debit Card facilities to pay Kouga Municipality


Answer: The concern is noted and shall be investigated and be reported.


JBRA : Noted. When can the report be expected?


87 . Lack of security at beaches during the day and night .  No 24 hour

operation elsewhere, however daily security services are provided.

Answer: Financial constraints is the challenge.


JBRA : Noted


88. Improper and lagging development of informal areas. Sewerage, water, electricity, infrastructure. Creating discourse in these areas instead of developing them properly.

Answer: Please visit informal areas in order to see progress


JBRA : What progress ?  


89. Lack of proper facilities for Technical and Tertiary Education. Especially agricultural and basic technical skills (Technical Schools, Technicians, and University). To create avenues for self-employment, growth and development

Answer: We must work together in order to address the challenges you

mention. It is our desire as the local state that when we no longer hold the reigns our generations would be able to point to the solid foundation we laid. The building of the Technical School in Jeffrey’s Bay is a step in the right direction. Together we can move Kouga Forward.


JBRA : Thank you . Well done , the Technical School is a great step in the right direction and we need more of these sorts of developments . We also need a progress report on this school .


90. Lack of improvement initiatives in underdeveloped areas such as

community vegetable gardens, training in recycled goods, clean safe

parks and social structure.

Answer: Agreed


JBRA : These can be school and community projects with KM initiative / co operation . We need a progress report with community input .


91 . Failure of disclosure of a Disaster Management Plan for in the event that the Thyspunt Nuclear Development go ahead, or if it does not go ahead.

In either case, we should have a proper Disaster Management Plan in

place. The public should be informed and prepared for this in either

scenario. Where is the definition and transparency of the above? Draft

disaster management plan – needs further stakeholders involvement.

Answer: We agree.

JBRA : Noted


92. Inefficient regulation and conservation of electricity.

Answer: Regulation of electricity is the responsibility of NERSA.

Inadequate planning, maintenance or proper development, for the future


JBRA : Noted .


93. Failure to disclose plans for development and the future. Lack of

transparency for the future. To give us proper meaningful incentive for our future.

Answer: Our future development plans are well captured in our IDP.


JBRA : Too slow .


94. Accountability and transparency from our higher influences (Bishu , Port Elizabeth) . Some indication from higher leadership of the plans for our future development and success is vertically non-existent.

Answer: We as the Community of Kouga specially the advantaged

community must begin to get involved in areas where we are not in need so that we will understand certain decision in their context. This Country belong to all who live in it united in our diversity. Also those who have the experience in areas of their profession must come closer not with the attitude of showing how others lack skills and knowledge but to provide their skills in a most humbled way for the betterment of our future and destiny as residents of Kouga.


JBRA : We agree . Thank you .


95. Prevention is better than cure. Preparation makes for good


Answer: We agree

JBRA : Noted

96. Kouga is unique and must be developed for Kouga. Each town and

region in Kouga is unique with its own needs and potential for


Answer: This has been responded elsewhere above.


JBRA : We need each town to give input for our proper development .

Our town and all towns in Kouga should be individually addressed

for their unique needs and development . Jeffreys Bay should be a shining’ example to other towns in the region as the seat of Council .


97. Plans on how to fix and promote our beautiful Town should be made as soon as possible. Residents should be involved in this regard. How are we going to get the Tourists back who left as a result of the chaos? They are our bread and butter.

Answer: We need to engage.


JBRA : Noted . This is the Kouga Municipalities responsibility .


98 . Procedures and processes for reporting of problems by residents are not in place at KM. Reference numbers in order to monitor solutions is essential.

Feedback channels should be established. Kouga employees and

officials do not react on communication of residents, for example e mails or calls.

Answer: This allegation is getting familiar and will definitely be attended.


JBRA: Noted . Thank you . We expect permanent results with changes for the better .

99. Water, sewerage and Fires should be treated as emergency services. Employees in this Departments should be specialists and well trained.

Sufficient employees should be employed for this important task. Training of this staff should be monitored by the community. This is not the situation currently.

Answer: Whilst we agree with sentiments, we are well aware that the idea will need to be financed and currently our financial situation is not kind to the proposal made.


JBRA : Unacceptable, as emergency services and basic services should be of extreme priority. Efficiency , innovation and productivity can reduce costs to KM and increase effectiveness and growth .


100. Inefficient development , use and management of KM buildings . Many Kouga Municipality buildings , offices and meeting venues in serious disrepair and in need of maintenance for example the Old Country Club in Humansdorp and the Newton Hall.

Answer: The Kouga Council has noted your concern and has taken a firm view that we need a planned process to renovate all our existing buildings and ensure that those that we are not utilising must be alienated to the service providers that will maintain and use them in the best interest of all our people.


JBRA : Building maintenance and management and upgrading should be sensible and ongoing . When you say alienated does this mean that KM run service providing staff will use these buildings or does this mean you will employ private enterprise to use these buildings to do the job for you ? 


Thank you for the opportunity to put our grievances forward in the form of a Petition . We also welcome your willingness to accept the Petition and make good .  Finally we look forward to these problems being properly and permanently resolved with visa versa co operation

and productive development .

Thank you .



You can view all issues reported to date here.

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