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Meeting report - 23rd March 2011 at Newton hall

posted Mar 23, 2011, 8:20 AM by JBay RA   [ updated Mar 30, 2011, 3:07 AM ]

About 39 Jeffreys Bay residents attended a public meeting called at short notice at the Newton Hall on Wednesday, 23rd March at 9am. The meeting was originally called by the Kouga Business Forum (KBF), to discuss the issues facing Jeffreys Bay businesses. Following a meeting between the KBF and Jeffreys Bay Residents Association (JBRA) last week, the meeting was extended to include the idea of cooperation between the various civic groups in Jeffreys Bay. The meeting was advertised in Our Times and by email to JBRA members at rather short notice.

After an introduction and prayer by Johann Kleingeld of the KBF, Trevor Watkins of the JBRA introduced the idea of an umbrella organisation of civic groups, such as residents associations, business forums, religious groups, support groups, charitable organisations, community policing forums and neighbourhood watches, amongst others.  A suggested name for such an organisation is Jeffreys Bay Action Group/Jeffreysbaai Aksie Groep – or JAG for short. The JBRA would use its existing database and website functions to facilitate communication and cooperation between these civic bodies, with a view to providing a common voice for Jeffreys Bay residents. This proposal was unanimously accepted by the meeting.

Following a question from the floor, Watkins stressed that JAG was a body to unite civic organisations within Jeffreys Bay, and was in no way a competitor to FEKRRA (Federation of Kouga Residents and Ratepayers Associations), which provided an umbrella body for organisations across the entire Kouga region.

Watkins went on to suggest that each organisation within JAG would register its specific members with the JBRA, and that a representative for that organisation would speak and vote on behalf of those registered members at meetings of JAG. After some discussion the meeting decided to leave these more technical issues to be worked out by an interim committee.

The following persons agreed to stand on the interim JAG committee:-

Benny du Preez, Frans van Eeden, Fanie Heystek, Mercia Ungerer, Johan Kleingeld and Trevor Watkins.

Attendees were then asked to suggest those issues they considered to be most important for the JBRA to raise with the Kouga Municipality. These suggestions were written on sheets of paper stuck on the walls of the hall. Each attendee was given 3 adhesive paper dots which they then used to vote for the issues they considered most important. In this way a prioritised list of issues reflecting the views of the attendees was quickly produced. This list follows:


Number of votes

Sewage treatment plant


Recycling/refuse removal


Car guards/bush sleepers


Financial irregularities


Salaries and wages costs




Communication with residents


Repairs and maintenance budget


Loss of blue flag status


 Sport at Newton Hall

Street children


Water shortage/meter reading


Caravan park status


Maintenance of streets and sidewalks


Crime and security


Disabled access to buildings


Low cost housing development near C Place


Pellsrus braai area camping


Awarding of tenders





This list represents the priorities of the 30 people who voted at the meeting. The list will also be posted on the website so that others may add their votes and comments.

The interim committee of JAG will meet within the next week.  All civic organisations interested in being a part of this initiative are asked to contact the JBRA at, or on 042 293 1405. A list of civic organisations known to the JBRA at this time will be published on the website at