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What do we plan for Dream 2013? New beginnings.

posted May 10, 2013, 9:22 AM by JBay RA   [ updated May 10, 2013, 9:26 AM ]

Dream 2013 and Dorp van Drome is a separate initiative to improve the environment of Jeffreys Bay, which the JBRA wholeheartedly supports.

We would like to take the Dream philosophy  to all of the inhabitants  of Jeffrey’s Bay: get personally involved in your environment instead of waiting for “them” to provide or fix.

The first prize will be to have active Dreamers in Pellsrus, Ocean View and Tokyo Sexwale.

 The theme of Dream 2013 is  New beginnings. It is not only the start of a new Dream year but also the opportunity to reach out to all the inhabitants in all of Jeffrey’s Bay’s suburbs and settlements, overcoming the mutual prejudice. It is in every one’s interest that the whole of Jeffrey’s Bay prosper.

 Jeffreys Bay Dream 2013 will start on Youth Day, 16th  June and come to an end on Day of Reconciliation, 16th  December. These days are loaded with symbolism

On Sunday, the 16th June, we would like the Dream to be endorsed by the churches.

On the 17th we would like to have a street parade and carnival with drum majorettes, veteran cars and bands.

 There is lots to be done before the 16th of June!

We would like to have a courtesy meeting with the Mayor to build on the existing goodwill.

 Let all of us in Jeffrey’s Bay, through the Dream strive to reconcile the enthusiasm and energy, which symbolises the youth, with the wisdom symbolic of the older generation.