Cheron Kraak

posted Jul 28, 2011, 4:24 AM by JBay RA
The JBay residents have all the objections on their site, in connection with the 7,000 houses condensed housing (flats) they want to build at ocean view.  it will come right up to the road to Aston  and Paradise, and is absolutely outrageous, considering the situation of the town,
the current ocean view residents have a bucket system for their sewerage...which is totally unacceptable, they cannot expect people to live like that. Before any developments take place the town must be fixed up.
I think this is the old council, we since have a new mayor and municipal manager, so be good to hear what their take is on this.
I suspect it could involve Eskom, who will only have 1,200  jobs in total for our people, actually for the whole of the Kouga, and they will bring in thousands of workers... plus all the other thousands who will come to seek jobs, and probably stay here. I dont know who will pay for the services and all the rates and bills etc
it will be our municipality...
Its not just the sewerage, there are a lot of problems, and we dont need more unemployed people in town....
Its not right, I think we must all take the time to object to this happening...