Jaenre Blignaut

posted Oct 13, 2011, 12:29 AM by JBay RA

To whom it may concern:


I have done some research with regard to our local municipality’s electricity tariff increases.


Interestingly, the actual tariff increases were as follows:

-          2010/2011 year :               from 58.25 cents per unit to 76.17 cents per unit equating to a 30.77% increase.

-          2011/2012 year :               from 76.17 cents per unit to 107.80 cents per unit equating to a 41.51% increase.


Nersa’s approved tariff increases were as follows:

-          2010/2011 year: 24.8%

-          2011/2012 year: 25.8%


In other words, I was paying 3.4 cents more per unit in the 2010/2011 year, and am now paying 16.3cents more per unit compared to the approved increases.


I had some discussions with co residents, and it appears we have the same problems

Is there some way we can identify whether the above is true/accurate and hold our councillors and council to account?






Jaenre Blignaut CA (SA)
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