Ludwig Vorster - Dirty water

posted Jul 27, 2011, 1:01 AM by JBay RA
I see that the water restrictions are going to be lifted on the 1st August 2011according to Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality as they control our water as well. Does our water in Jeffreys Bay comply with SANS 241 (Drinking Water Quality Standards) can it be found out if our water is being tested and if our Municipality does the tests or delivers poor water quality.  Does our water purification plant work or is there broken pumps or incompetant people working there that just do not care .? Can the Councilor or the JBRA arrange a visit to this plant  when we get dirty water just to see what is going on because I do not believe the rubbish excuses they are giving about the dirty water. The doc attached I got from Cllr D.Aldendorf but it does not say much .The latest combined capacity is 91,4
of all the dams .