Ludwig Vorster - Libyan Outhouse

posted Jul 27, 2011, 7:32 AM by JBay RA
After the latest rains the sewerage tanks are overflowing at a massive rate in Wavecrest .I think we must threaten this municipality with withholding our rates and not pay for dirty water and enviromental tax and sewerage removal as they have not delivered any decent services for the past two months and the roads look like an outhouse that has been blown up in Libya . I do not foresee any improvement in the next year as they are bankkrupt as is and a strike is looming and then no services will be delivered .I see that the street lights have at least been switched off .I have received an email from the Cllr Aldendorf - wonder if he has mobilitated yet .My neighbour has threatened to get a submersible pump so that we can empty our sewerage tanks, then at least we can use our toilets again as the outlets are under water and it builds up back into the house when you flush